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“Dr. Wen Li-Cavallo is the best dentist. Her chairside humor and warm conversations get me through some of the toughest visits. I had an emergency root canal. The tooth was triggering migraines so I was nearly immobilized when my family brought me in. She saw me quickly and gave me a root canal that was painless. I know it sounds impossible but I left there with a smile after a root canal and a filling! She has a gentle touch. wait till you hear this! My next visit I had a bad toothache. I thought I needed a filling but she had to extract the wisdom tooth. I agreed because she is just the most comforting and experienced dentist! She numbed me and honestly it was just a few expert movements and the tooth was out!! I mean like a gnarly root tooth all the way in the back and she got that sucker out in one swift move. Now that’s skill. And she has me laughing afterwards and comforted during the process. I love her! Go to her! You’re welcome in advance!!” – Z.S

“Dr. Li-Cavallo and staff are the most attentive, thorough and caring dental health care providers in New York City! I was worried after a few years of going to average or below average dentists in the city that there aren’t any dentists that care much anymore. Good thing I found her. She’s at a super convenient location in lower Manhattan and I get the best dental care now. Woot!”- Ben Z.

“Dr. Wen Li-Cavallo was great. My cleaning was the most painless I’ve ever had; she explained that it was because she moves quickly before the nerves have time to react. She also took the time to explain my dental condition, pointing out issues but assuring me that they could be solved with self-care, rather than trying to scare me into treatment plans. I walked out with a nifty toothbrush package and a happy mouth.” – Actual Patient